30+ Advantages of Social Media Marketing Every Business Needs to Know

by | Mar 18, 2019 | Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing, Marketing and Advertisement

Are you trying to find some new ways social networks can be of benefit to your business? 

Regardless of social media proven track record, there are still some organizations who aren’t quite sold.

Perhaps you have concerns about the value you’re receiving from it or even the advantages of social media for your service.

Whether you’re trying to find some new means social networks can be of benefit to your brand or attempting to sell its value to the C-Suite or even customers, we have you covered.


Here is a list of 30+ advantages of social media every enterprise needs to know;

  • Advantages for customer service
  • Advantages of advertising
  • Advantages for sale & lead generation
  • Advantages for HR
  • Advantages for content promotion
  • Advantages for marketing
  • Advantages for research and development
  • Advantages for competitive analysis
  • Advantages for SEO
  • Advantages for Social Media for Branding

Advantages of Social Media for Customer Service

Social media is peoples leading choice for customer care. So it ought to come as no surprise that a lot of the leading advantages of social networks focus on customer service.

Below are some ways social networks benefit your customer service efforts.

1. Credibility Management

People will talk about your brand on social media regardless of whether or not you’re active on the platform.

It remains in your interest to be proactive by using social media monitoring tools to see what’s being said about you, to monitor mentions of your brand name so that you can quickly respond to customer complaints or issues.

2. Increase Consumer Engagement

If you’re not engaging with your clients, you run the risk of losing them. According to a report from Gartner, churn can increase by up to 15% if you fail to reply to consumers on social networks.

3. Open Communication

Do not neglect the “social” part of social media. The charm of social media is it offers a two-way type of interaction.

Instead of simply shouting your message to your audience, you can communicate back and forth between each other.

We’ve seen a number of new features from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram over the past couple of years to prioritize social customer care.

4. Crisis Management

PR concerns can happen at any moment. Whether it’s the company’s chief executive officer Tweeting something inappropriate, a controversial tv commercial or a customer service fail, you need to be prepared with a crisis management strategy.

One of the first places people will go with details when your business has a blunder is social networks.

You can use Facebook or Twitter to issue a public statement or respond to questions and concerns.

5. Faster communication

While sometimes, the speed of social networks can antagonize marketing professionals (i.e. Twitter moves so quickly your content can get overlooked), it can likewise work to your benefit.

As an example, when you’re taking care of a large volume of customer service issues, having the ability to chat back and forth in real time is really hassle-free.

Think about a business like Trello. The project management tool communicates with over 2,000 customer service inquiries in a 24-hour period.

Having the ability to handle that kind of volume via phone or email support wouldn’t be the most ideal experience for customers or Trello’s support team.

But with social media, they have the ability to manage all of these conversations a lot more efficiently.

Do not keep your customers waiting longer than necessary, or you run the risk of losing them entirely.

Advantages of Social Media for Advertising

Organic social media marketing is great, however, blending in some paid social media advertising and marketing can increase your success a lot more.

Here are some top advantages of social media for marketing.

6. Targeted Advertising

As you can imagine, networks like Facebook, Twitter and others have a lot of info regarding users.

Therefore, their adverting systems allow for very in-depth audience targeting and segmentation.

For instance, Facebook allows you to target users based on interests, employers and other criteria.

With this details, you can get in front of the exact kind of costumer you want to sell to and also tailor your messaging to their needs.

7. Retargeting

Majority of people that visit your site are not going to convert into leads or clients on their first visit.

But instead of having them leave your site and never visit again, what if you could get your brand’s message back in front of them to get them back to your site?

That’s the power of retargeting.

Through retargeting, you can place a line of code on your website that tracks your site visitors.

Then, you can create a custom audience of those people on Facebook or Instagram and show your ads directly to them.

Advantages of Social Media for Sales & Leads Generation

Is social media a part of your sales process?

Whether you’re a B2C or B2B business, social networks can be a very effective tool for attracting new leads and also moving people through your sales funnel.

Here are some outstanding advantages social media sites can have for your sales and lead generation initiatives:

​8. Boost Sales

Another advantage is that social media have proven to be a very effective tool for a sales team.

Actually, 64% of sales professionals reported closing at least one deal in 2014 as a direct result of making use of social media. B2B firms can utilize networks like LinkedIn to reach out to decision makers directly and get the conversation started.

B2C firms can use Twitter to address inquiries from people who are on the cusp of buying from you and just need a slight nudge to get them to convert.

Rather than forcing people to call and be on hold for 30 minutes or more, customers have grown accustomed to heading to social media when they need a quicker response.

​9. Higher Conversion Rate

If you aren’t using social networks in your sales process, it’s time to begin. According to data from Hubspot, Social media lead conversion rates are 13% higher than the average lead conversion rate.

Advantages of Social Media for Human Resources

Social media doesn’t just profit the marketing and sales teams. It can likewise be really valuable for other parts of your company including the human resources department.

Right here are a couple of ways your Human Resources team can make use of social media to their benefit: 10. Recruiting New Employees

Social media has actually impacted virtually every facet of our lives. So it should not come as a surprise that the hiring market has been impacted too– in a positive way.

According to Jobvite, 59% of recruiters ranked candidates found via social media as “highest quality.”Do not think twice to leverage social recruiting in your hiring process if you wish to attract the very best candidates.

​11. Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the second-biggest worry of Human Resources Pros, behind retention.

By engaging with employees and keeping them satisfied, you should start to see improvements in your retention rate.

With tools like Bambu that integrates with social media, employee engagement is simple, more efficient and easier to track.

​12. Turn Employees Into Advocates

Whether you’re asking to or not, employees are likely currently Tweeting and post about your organization on social media.

A study from Shandwick found that fifty percent of staff members post messages, images and videos on social networks about their employers.

Use this to your benefit and create a more formalized employee advocacy program. This will encourage more of your staff members to share positive information about your brand and expand your reach.

Advantages of Social Media for Content Promotion

While some web content will pick up steam by itself and spread organically, it’s always great to do some promotion also.

That way you can increase the chances of people seeing and sharing it.

That’s where social media comes in your strategy. Here are some wonderful advantages of social media for web content promotion:

​13. Easy Means to Distribute Content

Developing content and moving on isn’t a strategy. You need some sort of distribution strategy to get your content in front of the ideal people.

That’s where social networks can be very helpful. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others are all great channels to help spread your content.

You need to be careful though. Simply using social media as a way to broadcast your latest write-ups can be spammy.

Make sure you’re customizing your social media articles to fit the network. Additionally, you need to routinely engage with your target market to see a positive result.

​14. User-Generated Content

Not only are your workers willing to advocate for your brand on social media, but so are your costumers.

You have undoubtedly seen Instagram posts of individuals displaying products from their favorite brand. Embrace that and get involved by highlighting and even requesting user-generated content.

GoPro is an excellent instance of a brand that uses User Generated Content effectively. Their whole Instagram feed is made from pictures and videos regrammed from their customers.

15. One Of The Best Platforms For Storytelling

Social media lends itself to storytelling. Particularly with features like Instagram and Facebook Stories.

The goal is learning how to tell your story in a way that fits the platform where you’ll publish.

Rather than publishing a marketing message, which is basically an ad, use social media to take your consumers through a journey.

16. Make Content Go Viral

While the phrase “going viral” has become overused and somewhat of a buzzword, it’s still very much a real thing. Most of the time, social media is the gas that makes content go viral.

A  person sees something, shares it with a good friend and the snowball result starts to take place. Unfortunately, there is no “secret” to making a piece of content go viral.

Advantages Of Social Media for Marketing

We’ve checked out the advantages of social networks for different pieces within marketing, but what about how it benefits your brand’s marketing efforts as a whole?


Let’s have a look at the ways you can utilize social media sites to impact your whole marketing strategy.

17. Co-Marketing Opportunities

Social media site is one of the most effective platforms for partnering up with other brands on co-marketing campaigns and efforts.

Both brands gain from getting exposure to the other’s audience, and there’s an opportunity to create something unique. We have seen several brands succeed with co-marketing efforts.

18. Boost Site Traffic

According to data from Shareaholic, social networks drive 31% of website traffic.

Thinking about the quantity of content that passes through sites like Facebook and Twitter, that should not come as much of a surprise.

Your brand can profit from this by occasionally sharing valuable and pertinent content from your website.

19. Engage People At Events

Have you considered using social networks as a part of your events marketing efforts?

If your business sponsors or goes to conferences, festivals or other events throughout the year, look for ways to integrate social media.

A simple way to get started is to use hashtags associated with a specific event.

20. Cut Marketing Costs

There have been many case studies performed to compare the cost of social media marketing vs traditional marketing. The basic consensus has been social media is much cheaper.

If your brand is looking for ways to cut advertising costs, or if you’re simply on a tighter budget, social media is a fantastic option.

21. Grow Your Audience

Developing an audience of loyal consumers and advocates is one of the very best methods to grow your brand long-term.

 Every new consumer or fan you gain is one more person that could potentially share your content or products with a friend.

 That “viral” nature of social networks we mentioned earlier is one advantage that’s tough to get on other marketing channels.

Capitalize by focusing on sharing helpful content that keeps people coming back for more.

22. Reach Your Target Audience Where Their Interest is Concentrated

As online marketers, our objective is to reach our target audience as well as get their interest. Today, their focus is on social media more-so than any other channel.

This is one of the key factors why you need to invest in social networks.

You have a much better chance of getting a consumer’s attention on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram than you do with a signboard, television commercial or a piece of direct mail.

And also as we revealed earlier, it’s also much more economical.

Advantages of Social Media for R&D

Are you producing the products and services your consumers really want?

Before the days of social media sites, businesses needed to count on focus teams, surveys as well as historical data to get a much better picture of what to make next.

Today, research and development( r & d ) consist of examining social media and seeing exactly what your audience says they want from your business.

23. Learn More About Your Audience

A wonderful benefit of social media sites is that it can be made use of as a tool to gain insights regarding your target market.

You don’t need to make assumptions regarding what you think your target market wants, or rely on your best guess.

Through social listening, you can learn more regarding your target market than any survey, questionnaire or general statistics will ever tell you.

​24. Crowdsource New Ideas

Customers like to use social media sites to share suggestions as well as tips on what they would love to see from their favourite brands. Do not overlook or simply write those concepts off– pay attention.

While you won’t be able to act on every recommendation, you could encounter one that might become your next fantastic update or product release.

Getting concepts or ideas from your social media followers is an excellent means to build interaction.

Nothing demonstrates how much you value and appreciate your customers as much as turning one of their suggestions into a part of your business. 

​25. Gauge Customer Sentiment About Your Brand

 Want to know what people think about your company? Do a search on Twitter for your brand. Be advised, not everybody will certainly have pleasant things to say about your company.

The key is to appreciate the praise and compliments and learn from the negative comments. Of course, there will always be trolls and people you just can’t please.

But that does not mean you should overlook any Tweets or Facebook messages that you don’t like.

Social media is also a wonderful method to evaluate sentiment regarding brand-new product releases or offline marketing strategies.

After a new launch, head to Twitter and see what fans are assuming.

When Netflix releases a new show, customers flock social media to talk about it. Netflix can use all that comments to get an idea of the overall sentiments concerning the show or movie.

​26. Stay on Top of Industry News

According to research, 62% of adults get information on social media sites.

Like we stated, a lot of content flows through social, which makes it the best place to find out about what’s going on in your sector.

It’s simple for brands to think of social media sites merely as a way to disperse content and serve their target market.

But it can additionally be utilized to help your brand stay on top of trending subjects in your sector. Use those findings to create new content or simply re-share it with your audience. 

Advantages of Social Media for Competitive Analysis

How often do you take a look at what your rivals are doing?

While your competition shouldn’t dictate all the moves your brand makes, it can be helpful to get an idea of what’s working for them.

Here are some advantages to using social media for competitive analysis:

​27. Closely Track Your Rivals

Getting information from what your competitors are doing on social networks is incredibly valuable. If your rivals see success on social, there’s probably a reason for it.

Take a look at what they do and see if you can learn from your findings. Something important to keep in mind is that you don’t want to simply copy competitors.

Social media competitive analysis is more about learning what your competitors are doing well and putting your own spin on it to make it work for you.

For example, if you notice a competitors’ Instagram evening posts tend to do better than when they post in the morning, that’s useful details you can use when scheduling your Instagram posts.

​28. Leverage Other People’s Audiences

Since social networks are so public, you can not only see what your competitors are doing but also who are following and engaging with them. Then you can start interacting with those accounts.

Since you already know they’re at the very least somewhat interested in your sector, it’s less complicated to introduce them to your brand and win them over.

Advantages of Social Media for Search Engine Optimization

The link between social media and SEO has been heavily disputed for several years.

While there may not be a direct correlation between your social networks activity and where you rank on Google, there are definitely ways social media can profit your Search Engine Optimization efforts– even if it’s simply indirectly.

​29. Network With Influencers

Social media site isn’t only fantastic for engaging with potential leads and customers. You also get the benefit of engaging with influencers and people that can potentially link to your website.

Use social media to build relationships with people that either has their very own blogs/websites or can potentially connect you with individuals that do. Bear in mind that this isn’t an overnight strategy.

Much like in the real world, building a strong relationship takes time. Start by focusing on ways you can provide value to the influencer first, and build from there.

​30. Outreach Opportunities

One more benefit of social networks for Search Engine Optimization is outreach.

Similar to the previous idea, you can use social media to directly connect to people that can potentially link to your article from their internet site.

The mistake that several brands make is spamming rather than doing genuine outreach.

The difference is that with genuine outreach, you’re connecting to people with a very specific purpose– telling them they were mentioned in your content.

 That way, they have an actual reason to take a look. As you can imagine, influencers get hit with Tweets and e-mails asking to review and share articles that don’t have anything to do with them.

You can stand out by letting them know you’ve given them a shoutout or linked to one of their posts, so they’ll be tempted to it out.

​31. Ranking Your Social Profiles for Your Brand

If you do a Google search for your business name, do you see web links to your social networks accounts? Hopefully, the response is yes.

This is one of the only true direct benefits of social media on SEO.

Getting your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other accounts to rank on the first page of search engine for your business name leave less room for negative write-ups or information about your business to show up.

The more space you can occupy with owned or earned media, the better.

If your social profiles don’t turn up when you browse your business name, work on optimizing your bios. We have guides on how to do that for Instagram and Twitter.


​32. Content Spreads Organically on Social Media

So as to get people to link to your content, they have to know about it.

In addition to direct outreach, just getting content to spread organically is a substantial benefit of social media sites.

Journalists, blog owners and other people with the potential to link to your website (also known as Linkerati) are constantly on social networks looking for new ideas, industry trends and topics to write about.

If you have an article that gets popular on social media sites, it could potentially find its way to a blog owner that is willing to link to it.

Advantages of Social Media for Branding

33. Increase Brand Awareness

Showing people what your brand’s personality as well as what you stand for is one of the best methods to connect with your target market. Social media offers you the best platform to do it.

Via the content you share, the way you engage with your audience as well as your overall presence, you can showcase specifically what your brand is all about.


As you can see, there are ample advantages of social media to make it worth your while. If you’re not on board yet, hopefully, this list convinced you.

How have social networks benefited your brand? Leave a comment or Tweet us to let us know!


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