9 Ways To Boost Sales With Small Budget For Small Businesses.

by | Mar 20, 2019 | Business Automation, Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing, Marketing and Advertisement, Search Engine Optimization

We are very used to the phrase “you use money to make money” but when you don’t have enough money what do you do? 

Yes we know every business- small or big organisation, needs sales to survive, but a lot of small business are struggling to survive because they lack the funds.

The techniques you will get here are strategies that have yielded good sales for many successful businesses. Take a look at them and pick the ones that are most suitable for your niche.

Here’s An Overview Of The Topics Treated.

  • Good Customer Relationship and Service.
  • Don’t Neglect The Power Of The Internet.
  • Set A Small Advertising Budget.
  • Don’t Allow Warm Leads Go Cold.
  • Automate Monotonous Work.
  • Know What the Data’s Telling You.
  • Apply Strategies to Cut Acquisition Costs Gradually.
  • Start Building Brand Equity.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

1. Good Customer Relationship and Service.

One subtle issue that kills most businesses, is poor customer

service. When you relate closely with your customers serve

them well the tendency to leave reduces, and the chance of

getting a referral is quite high.

I recently had issues with a guy who had launched an amazing product I bought, but ended up asking for a refund.

Why did I ask for a refund? It wasn’t because the product was bad, it was awesome and the price was cool. I needed to upgrade, so I contacted the seller for assistance, and his response was so shocking.

I couldn’t stand such arrogance, and thinking of being treated with same attitude whenever I may be needing support, made me request for a refund. 

You see, attitude is everything, one wrong attitude towards a client can cost you TONS of clients. That one customer you lost may seem very insignificant, but by the time you keep loosing customers one by one it may cause an entire business loss. 

Get a bit more intimate with your customers, respond to their needs nicely, ask them how you can serve them better, get to know the challenges they have with your product or services, and if possible go out of your way to help them fix it, and you’ll be amazed at how that will grow your sales.

2. Don’t Neglect The Power Of The Internet.

When you’re passionate about the growth of your business, you’ll plan to get everyone on the web to know about it.

The internet is a great tool that can help you generate free traffic to your business.

Free social media platforms like Facebook, Etsy, Pinterest Instagram, Youtube are very cool places to promote your business and gather massive traffic.

No matter how bad business seems to be, we usually have some money to get data for our phones, that little data on your phone can help spread your business. You just need to make that little data sacrifice. 

To get better result from the web, you need to

Target Narrowly

To do this you must have identified your audience and may have started getting a few customers.

Build a buyer persona around your few customers. Most small businesses will certainly have 5 or 10, but just target 1 type of person for 3 months.

The following 3 months, add another target if you know you can take care of two targets.

A persona not only includes wide demographics like age, gender, education level. It consists of points you can utilize to connect on a meaningful level like – Interests, Challenges, Affiliation, Goals, Job Role, Location (city, neighbourhood, etc.).

Use what you know about your real customers to build these personas. Send a survey to your best repeat clients if you do not have this details. Speak with your salesmen and customer service. They’ll add great deals of insight.

Use Facebook Ads Manager.

This is one of the best places for a small business new to digital marketing to get started. There’s a great chance your target customers are there as well as active.

When setting up your ads, look back at the buyer persona you developed. Now chose traits in the drop downs that best align with that persona.

  • If a lot of clients come from a particular organisation like a local factory or hospital, target people who work there.
  • If your target consumers like lifting weights, target individuals that love the gym.
  • If you’re a private pre-school, target parents of kids.
  • Explore your options. You’ll be surprised at just how well you can target with Facebook.

Build Ads Around Your Target.

When you have determined who your target is as well as selected their traits, create an ad that talks directly to this target market.

Produce Dedicated Landing Page.

A landing page isn’t simply your home page, a services page, or a product page. It’s a web page that’s dedicated to one purpose.

That purpose is to get a person to take an action that gets them closer to becoming a consumer.

If you have a lower price point and little decision-making goes into buying, you’ll go for a quick sale. If your product/service takes some considerable time, this action helps an individual consider you for the service.

  • The action you want a person to take may be:.
  • Download a free trial.
  • Sign up for a business e-newsletter.
  • Get a totally free no-obligation quote.

The most effective landing pages make taking the action feel really minimal commitment.

After that, you’re taken to a product page that explains the solution.


3. Set A Small Advertisement Budget.

With as low as 360 Naira, you can run an advert on Facebook for one day. It is that cheap. So I do not see anything hindering you. To get better results by the time you start placing your adverts, do the following:

Keyword Research: With Facebook, you target traits and interests. With Google Ads, you target typical keywords people use to find information or products online. 

The searches people execute can tell you a lot about them like:

  • What they’re looking for right now.
  • What their problems are.
  • What sort of language they use.

Use this bit of knowledge to find words that relate to what you sell. Google has an excellent search tool called Keyword Planner.

Start with a phrase you think someone may use to find your website. The tool will tell you how many people look for that term each month and exactly how competitive that word is. 

Split Test Your Ads: Before you scale up your budget, know what works. As you start to see a return on your financial investment, re-invest a portion of that revenue to scale your campaigns and grow your business.

Split Test Your Landing Pages: Evaluate your landing pages the same way. You wish to know how to boost sales. However, you want to do it in the most effective way possible.

Set a Clear Plan On How To Run Your Adverts. It’s easy to see the cost for a click and assume that that’s all that goes into an ad campaign. However, seeing the entire picture will help you prepare well and get more sales.

You will either pay in time or cash for the following:

  • Create ad copy & design Landing pages
  • Research & Planning
  • Ad Management
  • Ad Testing
  • Analytics

While digital advertising and marketing are how to boost sales on a budget, it does require the above to be effective. Get it down in a saved document.

Adjust it if needed. But have a strategy and consider the costs before you start.

People that do not budget when advertising:

  • Get surprised by unexpected costs
  • End up spending and spending, not realizing that it’s not working
  • End up having to increase their total budget because they do not know exactly how to increase sales properly with the budget they originally set.budget is.

That’s not how to boost sales on a small budget. Getting purposeful about what you need to budget and how you spend your is.

4. Don’t Allow Warm Leads Go Cold.

You need to learn to nurture potential clients or warm leads till they buy. Though not all will buy finally, but don’t just let your to-be customer go without keeping in touch for sometime. 

If you’re still trying to make sales like this, it’s time to explore all that digital marketing has to offer.

Digital marketing has completely flipped advertising marketing on its head. Most lead nurturing now takes place online.

It can be automated. It can be very personalized. And, yes, it works.

It does not matter if you sell real estate or iPhone protection plans. 57% of a person’s journey to becoming a consumer now happens before they even call your firm.

Over 70% of people state they prefer a business supplied information online that they can review in their own time.


They prefer to not work with a salesman up until the very last stages in the decision-making process.

But inconsistently and ineffectively nurturing leads will cause all of this interest in what you sell to go cold. Instead, keep people coming back.

Continue to build interest. Make the sale. Then turn customers right into repeat costumers with digital marketing.

There are numerous means to do this;

Nurture Leads Through Social Media

Engage people via social networks. Set up a great profile. Share helpful content. Build your following by networking with other important peoples in your industry. Join groups.

Respond to comments. Getting social on a platform like Facebook is a fantastic way to spread brand awareness and get people invested in your brand.

But ultimately lead them to somewhere where you have more control over the message and experience.

Nurture Leads Via Your Website

Use your company blog to share handy tips and info. Further a prospective consumers understanding of what you do and sell. Avoid direct promotion in a blog. Your goal is to develop trust and interest. It ends up being brand equity that you’ll cash in to make more sales.

Nurture Warm Leads Through Email

Email is the most effective place to nurture leads. 77% of people say they like a permission-based email when it comes to communications from an organisation.

Create A Monthly Newsletter

Share your newest blogs. Offer exclusive discounts or industry advise. These routine communications will help you stay top of mind.

They reduce the possibility that a rival can swipe your lead away at the last minute. And many thanks to automation, email marketing is less complicated and less time consuming when you have the right tools.

When you have a person’s email, use email to consistently engage this person with extremely pertinent content.

5. Automate Monotonous Work

When you start Do It Yourself advertising and marketing, it’s really easy to fall into the trap of doing everything manually.

Or you pay a person like a receptionist to spend hours doing an extremely repetitive and monotonous job.

The problem with this is that you would certainly be getting better results if you cut out these boring tasks and focus efforts on things that make a bigger impact.

Commonly the tasks need to be done. Yet they don’t have to be done by a person.

The advertising and marketing sectors have many tools for various budgets plans. It’s worth it to explore your options. Many offer free trials.

Or you get a limited version of the software indefinitely. Most of the times, these are enough to get a small business started.

But when you want to grow a business out of that just getting by stage, you’ll need to invest in some of these tools. Lots of companies find these tools cost-prohibitive.

They work with a digital marketing agency that has access to these tools already.

6. Know What the Data Is Telling You.

When you ask how to boost sales, be prepared to get an honest answer. You can utilize Facebook ads and also Google Ads. You can build a following on Twitter.

But are you sitting down for a good size of time to review your reports? Do you know what your data is telling you? Like all industries, understanding the data is the lifeblood of success.

Data will tell you things like: 

  • Who’s seeing your advertisements
  • How people engaging with your ads
  • Which ads have the highest click-through rate
  • Which advertisements have the highest conversion rate
  • Which ads are increasing return customers
  • How can you cut costs
  • How can you improve performance
  • How to beat out the competitors

Review your data frequently and on an ongoing basis. That’s just how to boost sales. 

7. Apply Strategies to Cut Acquisition Costs Gradually.

As a small business, you definitely need to know how to boost sales now. That revenue provides proof of concept.

It allows you to maintain operations without staying in the red. But to get profitable, really profitable, you need to maximize your ROI.

That means cutting costs while boosting incomes at the same time. Can you do both? Can you have sales now and also decrease costs over time on a small business budget? Yes.

Yet you need to be smart about it. And once again, digital marketing helps you do that.

8. Start Building Brand Equity.

Over time, brand equity intensifies your marketing. People click more frequently since you’re the brand they recognize. They’re more likely to buy since you’re a name they understand and also trust.

Each advertising campaign you run might feel totally independent. However, they must all work together to build this brand awareness that boosts ad performance.

You can do this by being consistent with: 

  • Fonts Styles Color schemes
  • Patterns
  • Website design
  • Photo Types
  • Interacting with people on social media
  • What you share aside from your  own things
  • How you approach blogging or video-making
  • Language you use
  • Your domain name

These elements become your style guide. They help potential as well as repeat consumers instantly identify you and remember you. 


9. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Optimization is another means an organisation like yours thinks long-term to increase ROI gradually.

It entails using specific and purposeful SEO strategies when building and maintaining an internet site. These techniques make it more visible in the search results page for keywords you intend to target.

They help you attract more potential consumers through the search results. When you’re most visible in the search engine result, you can spend less on pay per click advertising.

 Your high search engine ranking and advertising work together like an unstoppable team. This is how to boost sales and maximize profits. It pays to think long-term as a business.


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