Smart marketing in this era is no longer about creating a super TV or radio commercial or magazine ad. 

The web now makes it easy for people to find new products, through various social media channels.

Since these channels are very affordable, they provide a level playing ground for all size of businesses.

So what this means for the sharp and digital savvy small businesses is that they can make massive sales, through these platforms, if they appropriately target the right audience.


Great Techniques For Advertising.

Any advertising strategy short of an online display or broadcast is behind the curve. 

As of today, there are almost 4 billion people using the internet. This number keeps going up each year and it simply means that internet usage is skyrocketing, and not dwindling.

Now that you already know that internet based advertisement is the way to go, what then are the techniques that bring results?

Proper Packaging.

For your business to have a powerful online presence, a pointer is needed which is in other words called branding.

Your business name, logo, product name and packaging, website design, social media profile and cover photos all come together to show the world what your business looks like and how doing business with you feels. 

It is very important for you to create a business image that compels people.

Paid Search Advertising.

Google, Yahoo, or Bing, all search engines have a paid form of advertising usually called pay-per-click or PPC

It entails bidding on keywords and placing ads on a host website and paying some money when a user clicks on the Ads.

When a user makes a search using any of the keywords, search adverts related to that keyword show up.

Most frequently the paid ads show at the top and that makes PPC great, because it gives your adverts a first hand view to people already searching for relevant topics.

The one at the top with a red box is a paid advert while the ones under are organic search results that showed up as a result of search engine optimization.

Mobile Advertising

The explosive increase in the use of mobile devices makes mobile advertising worthwhile. Mobile advertising involves in-app mobile advertising , development of mobile apps that represent your brand and having an optimized website.

A website that is mobile friendly, will grant great user experience and create more engagement with your brand.

Mobile app advertisement is another great way to bring your business to the homes of your audience and constantly put your brand on their faces.

You may want to consider developing an app for your brand, or running adverts on apps.

Social Media.

Having a true social media presence does not mean just having a social media page. You need to frequently put out good contents that will engage your followers and attract more.

While content is king, you may need to boost that content in order to reach more of your target audience.

 Sponsored social media ads puts your message in front of your target audience and encourages them to engage, click-through, and buy. More and more, social media sites are prioritizing ad space over organic content because, well, it brings in more revenue.

To grow your business fast as a new brand you need to consider running some social media ads as this will help promote your business and grow your following.


Blogging is one great way to search engine optimization. You can promote your business by blogging about your products and services or related terms, this way search engines can find and show your brand to people who are making queries.

You can share your blog posts on various online channels to help spread your brand. If you are good at blogging, you can employ the services of experts or get other bloggers or influencers with huge following to promote your product on their blogs.


Banner and Display Ads

Banner and display ads follow the pay per click advertising model. It is usually more of a visual adverts, with very engaging images. Texts are minimal.

Banner ads are the normal horizontal boxes on top of a web page, while display ads are smaller in nature and shown on the side.

Some other techniques to employ includes:

Have a Referral Program.

Give some incentives to people and ask them to refer their friends.

Portraying The Values Of Your Business

Make your prospects see what your product has to offer, not the features alone.

Telling people about the awesome features of your products won’t make them buy especially now that the competition is so high and your competitors are busy pushing out products with very greater features at a very low cost. 

This increases the tendency for prospects to shift to other products or services. But, when they see what is in it for them, they will buy almost immediately.

Make your audience see the benefits your product or service brings.

Give More Than You Take

Focus on providing more value to your customers, in the form of freebies, discounts and giveaways.

Lots of people are more drawn to make purchases when they are seen to be less expensive.

But make sure these promos are not too frequent or in a known pattern as people may decide to only wait for your promo times before they buy.

Story Sell

Storyselling is the use of stories to promote your brand. Storytelling motivates people and makes it easy for them to relate with your brand. It helps paint a bigger picture of your business.

Use Social Proofs

Get testimonials from people who have used your product or service in the past. 

If you are a budding business, that doesn’t have people who have done business with you before, get friends or relatives to try out your product or service and make them do a sincere testimonial about their experience.

Visual or video testimonials are preferable, as people tend to have more confidence about the product, when they can see those who have used them.

Use captivating videos in your adverts: The power of videos cannot be over emphasized. You can even attest to it. They engage your audience more than texts


Small businesses have huge collection of powerful of advertising techniques and tools to propel their products and services to the forefront of their customers.

Put these techniques to work creatively and you’ll see the huge changes it will bring to your business.

It will be nice to hear some other techniques that has worked for you and those you’ve not explored yet.

Leave us some comments. 




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